Mobile Register

June 18, 1861

Page 2


            A SOLDIER KILLED BY HIS COMRADES—On Sunday afternoon last a fatal accident occurred in the encampment of the 1st Regiment Louisiana Volunteers.  At the close of the afternoon parade, as the soldiers were about to stack arms, a private of the Kentucky company (Davis Guards) playfully leveled his musket at one of his comrades, who remonstrated against such carelessness, and put up his hand to push the gun away, when at that instant it was discharged, mangling his hand terribly, and lodging its charge of ball and buckshot in the back of the next man in front, private James H. Redford, of Louisville, Ky., and also a member of the Davis Guards.  The unfortunate young man fell forward upon his face, and when picked up could barely speak sufficiently to ask who had shot him.  He died half hour afterwards.           –Norfolk Herald, 11th.—


[Transcribed by Sharon Strout]