Anderson (SC) Intelligencer

October 25, 1860

Page 3


                                    “Young men! Your Country Calls You!”

            There has originated in the past few weeks an organization all over the Southern States under the style of “Minute Men,” having for its object the maintenance of Southern equality and the defence [sic] of Southern rights, “in the Union or out of it.”  The objects for which these companies are now forming must touch the patriotism of every lover of his section, and cause his heart to beat with fresh impulses at the thought of defending in person the homes and firesides where reside mother, sister, wife or daughter.  Hundreds and thousands are flocking within its folds, and the organization now numbers many “good men and true” in all the Southern States.  In South Carolina alone, there are near five thousand from all accounts we have seen, and daily are accessions being made to its ranks.  But it is not confined to the gallant, brave Palmetto sons.  Every State has its quota pledged to resistance—bound to march at a moment’s-warning to the defence of their beloved country.  Let the ball thus put in motion roll on unceasingly, until there is an army composed of chivalrous Southrons [sic] who are competent and prepared to meet the “Wide Awakes” and their co-workers, and vanquish them on the battle-field, if necessary.

            We have been permitted to examine the constitution which meets adoption by every company of “Minute Men.”  It is short and comprehensive, and full of meaning.  Under it, we learn, that upwards of seventy-five gentlemen have enrolled themselves at Pendleton.  The badge, blue rosette, is not seen upon the streets of our own town, but we know of many here who regard themselves as “Minute Men,” prepared to act promptly upon their country’s call.  It is expected that they will organize under that name at any early day.


[Transcribed by Sharon Strout]