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Mobile Register

June 23, 1861

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                                                            Letter from Pensacola

[From Our Own Correspondent]

                                                            Pensacola, Friday night, June 21

            There were some incidents of the review yesterday, I omitted.  After the parade had been dismissed, and the troops about retiring to their respective quarters, Col. Judson, commanding at this point, rode up to Capt. Homer, of the State Artillery, and complimented him on the fine appearance of his battery and men, in the name of Gen. Bragg, saying it reminded him of the ditty “of a little more grape, Captain Bragg.”  The compliment was truly appreciated, and the company went through the parade routine in gallant style, by—action, front; battery, left about; a prologue to fire, retiring; left battery halt, ____ fire by half battery retiring; close intervals, half distance.  These manoeuvres were the talk of the town, and as a Mobilian, no member of that proud company left more rejoiced than my humble self.

            About three o’clock Gen. Bragg visited the camp of the Continentals, and assured Capt. Homer and his officers, their slightest battle wants should be supplied.  He told them that when he first entered Mexico, his famous battery and men bore no comparison to the Continentals and that they should have cartridges and balls in abundance to perfect their already splendid organization.  The General was introduced by General Molloy to the officers as Captain Bragg—a joke relished by all.  To prove to Capt. Homer that the General was not unmindful of his yesterday’s promise, this morning Capt. Girardieu, of Ordnance Department, was in camp, to note and furnish any requisition Captain Homer chose to make. This evening at __ o’clock the company with their rifle pieces in battery on the plaza, was firing at an anchored target, a distance of __ miles.  This said their balls can be thrown to the opposite shore, a distance of four miles.

            Our folks below are again practicing with the ____ batteries.  Their shots, yesterday, I am informed, were creditable in the highest degree as their shells burnt in full view of the Niagara frigate, laying about three miles distant from the target.  I wish to God they’d make a target of her big, black hull.  

            From the number of tents stretched on Rosa Island, out Yankee friends must have quitted, for a measure, their holes in Fort Pickens, to air and cool their sweltering carcasses.

            The Advertiser this morning brought us full northern accounts of the battle of Bethel; they improve by every arrival—but still there wasn’t enough killed.  I have read several amusing incidents connected with the fight—but none over which I laughed more heartily than the ruse of the Zouave in whose knapsack was found a letter addressed to a friend in New York, requesting an advance of two hundred dollars on some negroes and horses he had stolen from the rebels, saying he’d find a purchaser in a few days, and return the amount with big interest.  The roguish rascal—he own[s] negroes and horses!

            From the Observer, of this evening, I send the following paragraph:

            The Hon. J. L. Pugh, ex member of Congress, Hon. E. C. Bullock, late Commissioner from the State of Alabama to the Florida convention, Lieut. Butt, Pioneer Guards, and H. R. Shorter, W. G. Shadrach, D. W. Bain and T. M. Kennar, who have had charge of the Confederate States steamer Time, have been transferred to the military quarters at Barrancas, and the boat placed in charge of Lieut. Raney, C. S. N., and twelve marines.

            Mr. Chas. LeBaron, of Mobile, arrived in last night’s train.  He will remain a few days in this, his native city.

            Gen. McCoy returns home tonight.



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