Mobile Advertiser & Register

June 12, 1861

Page 3


                                                            FORT GRANT, June 10th, 1861

            The troops at Fort Grant thankfully acknowledge receipt of a bountiful supply of fresh Vegetables, sent on the 8th inst. by Mrs. Ludlow, Mrs. Conning, Mrs. Cutheral, and Capt. Hugh Monroe, of Mobile.  For the better information and guidance of kind friends who contributed thus to our comfort, the economy and wholesomeness of our subsistence, and in order that we shall not receive more than a necessary portion, or waste anything, it may not be amiss to state that there are eighty of us here who can use four or five bushels of mixed vegetables a day, omitting cucumbers, which we are a little afraid of.-Also, that the sacks in which they are sent will be carefully preserved and returned to Mr. Gage’s Ice House, properly labeled , so that the respective owners may recover them if they wish, for future use.

                                                            Very respectfully,

                                                            Lieut. C. D. ANDERSON, and others