Greensborough Patriot

August 28, 1862

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For the Patriot


Danville, Va., Aug. 13, 1862

            Messrs. Editors:--Will you please allow me through your column to express the heartfelt thanks of the “Governor’s Horse Guards” of Georgia, to many kind citizens of your place, for favors done them during their brief sojourn in your town?  With only a few of our kind benefactors were we fortunate enough to form as acquaintance, and many of them we did not even learn the name.  Their kindness to us, however, is none the less highly appreciated, and will be treasured up in memory’s store-house as among the pleasantest incidents of our experience while in service.  We have always entertained a high regard for the character of the good people of the Old North State; but we must confess that we have never before appreciated them for their true worth.  It is no small compliment to say that in passing three times, since we entered the service of the Confederacy, from Georgia to Virginia, we have not in all our travels, received so much kind attention as during our march from Charlotte to this place.  We had the pleasure of meeting the ladies of only one family in your town, but if they are only fair specimens of their sex in your midst, truly yours are “noble women,” and we cannot wonder at their generous kindness to stranger soldiers.  In conclusion, we would assure you that next to the people of our own loved mother State, we will ever cherish a fond regard for the people of North Carolina. 

Very respectfully,

J.H. NICHOLS, 1st Lt.

Comd’g Governor’s Horse Brigade, Phillips’ Legion


[Transcribed by Sharon Strout]