Hillsborough (NC) Recorder

June 19, 1861

Page 3


                                                FURTHER DETAILS

            Dr. J. J. Lawrence, late editor of the Rough Notes, informs us that on Wednesday evening, at Rocky Mount, he saw in the hands of Mr. James Knight, of Edgecombe, the sword taken from the dead body of Capt. W. Wardrop, who fell in the late battle of Bethel Church, Va.  Wardrop was killed by private Geo. Williams, of the Edgecombe Guards, in consequence of which the sword was awarded to that company by Col. Hill, as a trophy, and by the company to the gallant Williams, who sent it to his aged frail father, who is a citizen of Tarborough.

            Private Charles Williams, brother to George, received a bullet wound in his shoulder, which, we are glad to say, is not considered dangerous.  Private Rogers also was wounded.  The brave Henry L. Wyatt fell mortally wounded.  These are the only casualties which befell the gallant “Guards.”

            We also learn that there were four private gentlemen from Edgecombe, present at the engagement, and they report that several negro men, on hearing the firing, rushed from the fields to the scene of action, and fired on the enemy with good effect.  Of this, one of the Edgecombe gentlemen, was an eye witness, and told it to our informant.  The negroes in that region are indignant with the Lincolnites, who have seized the wives of the former and carried them into camp.