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Hillsborough Recorder (NC)

Hillsborough Recorder (NC)

May 6, 1861

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For the Hillsborough Recorder

Fort Macon, April 28, 1861

MR. HEARTT: I promised many of my friends that I would send you an occasional letter for insertion in the Recorder. Hitherto the business of my office in the Orange Guards has occupied all my time, so that I could not even find time to write those whom affection prompted me not to neglect. Many persons requested me to send you a correct list of the names of those serving in our company. I proceed to do so, supposing that it will be interesting to many of your readers. They are as follows:

Pride Jones, Captain

Joseph C. Webb, First Lieutenant

John W. Graham, Second Lieutenant

Thomas L. Cooley, First Sergeant

George L. Lynch, Second Sergeant

Wm. N. Anderson, Third Sergeant

Thos. C. Carmichael, Fourth Sergeant

Benjamin F. Holloway, First Corporal

Thomas Scarlett, Second corporal

Thomas R. Whitted, Third Corporal

James A. Graham, Fourth corporal

John M. Wolf and Samuel N. Collins, Musicians

Stephen Dickson, Commissary

Dr/ William Strudrick, Surgeon


John Boggs Wm. H. McCauley, jr.

William G. Borland Cornelius Mebane

Thomas R. Cain David A. Mebane

Wm. H. Campbell Wm. A. Mebane

A. W. Cheek Frederick Nash

Charles S. Cooley Stephen Nichols

James L. Cooley Charles M. Parke

Porter A. Crabtree David C. Paul

Wm. A. Crabtree Alexander Pleasants

Samuel A. Dickson Joseph Reese

George M. Duskin Hiram Richards

Thomas Fausett Koscoe Richards

Hugh R. Forbis John S. Roberts

Andrew J. Hamlet Thomas Ruffin, jr.

Olin F. Hatch Samuel J. Scarlett

J. Alexander Hayes James C. Scott

John Sidney Hayes Herbert H. Simpson

John T. Hill Thos. J. Strayhorn

S. Temp. Holloway John F. Thompson

Alexander Holt Walter A. Thompson

Wm. James Hopkins Julien S. Turner

Sidney M. Ivey Orin A. Watson

James Esley Jones Wesley F. Watson

Alex. McK. Kirkland Joseph Weinand

John P. Lack James E. Williams

H. Crawfd McCauley

Our company is a full one, but a few able-bodied clever fellows might still be admitted. All of our men are in good health; but one has been really sick since we arrived here, though several have suffered slightly with diarrhea.

Fort Macon is a beautiful and healthy place. The water is excellent, and our fare tolerably good. An improvement was needed in our cooking arrangements, but I am happy to state that these improvements are being rapidly effected.

There are six companies stationed here, viz: the Wilson Light Infantry, the Goldsborough Volunteers, the Goldsborough Rifles, the Guilford Grays, the Elm City Riflemen, and the Orange Guards. All are actively engaged in drilling in infantry and artillery tactics. We are also engaged in mounting guns and setting the fort in order to receive the Republicans, and should they delay their attack for a few days, we hope to be prepared to blow them high and dry in short order. Should they come now, our rifles (we have drawn rifles since we came here) would do good service. I cannot now give you a fuller account of our operations, but will write to you as often as opportunity offers. I will conclude this letter by saying that our men are improving in drill, and are fast learning the duties of soldiers, and that we are well satisfied with our company officers, and with Col. Tew as Commandant; and should the Republicans attack us, to give a good account of the ORANGE GUARDS.

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