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Anderson Intelligencer

Anderson Intelligencer

July 4, 1894


Tribute of Respect

Starr, S. C., June 23d., 1894


Mr. Editor:  Please allow us space in your paper to express our respect, sympathy and thanks in the following manner:


We, the members of the Anderson Rifles, do sympathize with the bereaved parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Seigler, in the loss of their son, Mr. J. C. Seigler, who was drowned in Savannah river last Saturday evening, in the shoals near Pine Island.  He had gone to the river with L. A. Todd, W. R. and J. McGee, S. A. Jones, Jr., and two Negro boys to seine.  They did not seine long before they concluded to swim down the boat sluice.  So the two McGee boys and Jesse started down the river.  The McGee boys succeeded in getting out on some rocks before entering a very strong sluice running between some large rocks which Jesse failed to do and there he breathed out the breath of his life which to him was the falling asleep in the arms of Jesus.


Every exertion was used that evening and up to 11 o’clock Sunday morning before they found him; and immediately after he was raised from his watery grave he was carried to his father’s home near Starr.  On Monday morning at 11 o’clock he was carried from his parental roof, followed by a large concourse of friends and relatives , to the church at Starr where his funeral was preached by his pastor, Rev. W. M. Pinson, who preached a good sermon and also sounded the trumpet of warning in the ears of the ungodly.


Jesse was a member of our company and in his death we have lost a good soldier boy, but he being also a soldier of the cross our loss is his eternal gain.


Jesse will be missed by his church, Sabbath School and prayer meeting which he was punctual to attend.


We have no language to express our thanks to the many who so untiringly aided in searching the water, and providing food for the hungry.  Not only do we thank those of our own State but would remember the Georgians who worked so faithful to the end, and also the colored people who helped.  We do not know all the names of those who aided up, but we do hope that they are known or will be known by our Heavenly Father as His children dead unto sin and alive unto righteousness.


And now, whereas, it has seemed best to Him who doeth all things well to remove in the above mentioned manner our fellow soldier boy, and


Whereas, God makes no mistake in the dispensation of His providence, therefore, be it



Resolved, 1st,  That we bow in humble submission to his will,


Resolved, 2nd, That we deeply feel the loss thus sustained by our company and community.


Resolved, 3rd, That a page of our book be dedicated to his memory,


Resolved, 4th, That a copy of these resolutions be published in each of our county papers, and that we ask the Hartwell papers to copy, also that a copy be sent to the immediate family.


Adopted by the company,


J. T. C. Jones

Captain in command


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